Dec 022012
My daughter is growing up in school!

My daughter is growing up in school!

Hello Dear People,

My name is Tehmina, and I have been an LWCO student for the last year.

I got married three years ago and have a baby girl now.  I never went to school before as it was hard for girls from my village to go far from their homes and learn something.  After my marriage, I came to this village to live with my husband and his family.

It was a difficult experience for me to live without my family.  I was very attached to my mother and I had never been away from her before.  Most of the time I sat alone in the house and thought about my family and friends and all the good times I had before I got married.

After the birth of my daughter, all my interest went to her.  I wished she would have a better life than me and get an education.  My mother-in-law asked me to go with her to the LWCO school for the diploma ceremony.  Many women in the village were receiving diplomas and all the women in the village were invited to attend the ceremony and congratulate them. [to see a picture of a diploma ceremony go to the  homepage of]   When I saw the happiness and pride on the faces of the diploma women, I wished to join them.  My mother-in-law encouraged me to attend the school.  She said the LWCO school welcomes everybody, and I could take my daughter with me.

Now I have something interesting to do every day, and I have made many friends.  I can read and write my name and the name of my daughter.  I feel so good about the way I am learning something new every day.  I know when my daughter grows up she will be proud of me and will be good student herself.  I want to send thanks to all the people who made this possible for me and my daughter.

Translated by Pawan Ilyas – teacher LWCO

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