Nov 252012

Assalam o alaikum respected people of Little World Community Organization.

My name is Zainab, and I live in a small village in Northern Pakistan with my eight family members.  We are my grandmother, my mother, my father, my two brothers, and we three sisters.

My grandmother always said the boys are important in a family because they carry on the name of the forefathers.  She said my brothers must go to school and get a good education so they can support our parents and their families.  She told my parents to keep me and my sisters at home because it was a waste to send a girl to school.  Because my grandmother was the oldest person in the house, we had to obey her and respect her decision.  I prayed to God and asked for help.

One day the teacher from the LWCO school came to my house and talked to my mother and my grandmother.  The teacher said it is important for girls to get an education so they can be better mothers and help their family.  My grandmother could not accept this, but the teacher continued visiting our house.  She was so humble and kind that my grandmother started enjoying her visits.  One day my sisters and I came home from washing clothes at the river, and my grandmother was gone.  My mother said my grandmother was visiting the LWCO school with the teacher. When my grandmother came back home, she was a different woman.  She said this was a good school, and she told my father to send me and my sisters there.

Every day when I return home from school, my grandmother is waiting for me.  She wants me to tell her everything I did that day.  I am able to measure with tape and make patterns for clothes.  I make clothes for my family and clothes to sell.  I am very proud that I can share the burden of caring for my family financially.  I know my grandmother is proud of me, too.

Translated by Shumila – LWCO Volunteer

I am making a pattern for clothing

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