Nov 152012

This is me reading to my sister.

Dear Friends of LWCO,

My name is Nosheen, and I live near Abbotabad, Pakistan.  I went to school when I was very young, but I left before I learned to read because of family problems.  Then a Little World Community School came to my village.  They said I could go to this school even though I am now an adult.

In the LWCO school I have learned so many new things.  I recently learned to write my name in English!  I am so happy, and the first day I learned this, I wrote my name hundreds of times in English.

The best thing I have learned in school is how to read.  I can now read small books in Urdu.  My teacher gave me two books to take home and practice.  I was reading aloud to my younger sister, and my father heard me.  He was amazed and so joyful that one of our family can read.  He asked me where I learned this, and I told him all about my LWCO school.  He said he would work harder to support me continuing in school. I felt so proud and special when he said that.

Now I am working harder than ever in my life to do well in school.  I can write simple sentences in Urdu and read books for children to my sister.  My teachers welcome me and support me to do better.  I told my teachers I want to learn more words that are English so I can write to all of you reading this by myself.  They are going to teach me.  I love my school and my teachers!

Translated by Pawan Ilyas – teacher LWCO Abbotabad villages

Edited by Laurie Porter – teacher Nevada Union High School

LWCO, Little World Community Organization, is an all volunteer effort based in Nevada County supporting grass roots village schools for women and children in Pakistan.  Visit us on Facebook.

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