Apr 282011
Purse Bag

If you can help LWCO like this volunteer did, you might get a thank you like this one.

Kathy Kiefer has been developing some beautiful products from the embroideries made by the LWCO students. Below are some of the products currently available.  Each is one-of-a-kind and designs vary.

Prices (in order from top to bottom in each column):

Refrigerator magnets – $5.00 each
Frameless art – 4″x4″  $6.00     5″x5″  $8.00
Purses (white evening purse, wedding money-dance
purse, lingerie bag, travel jewelry bag, etc.)
Bag (large blue carry-all – $18.00
Bookmarks – $5.00
Pillow covers (can be custom made for different sizes)
12″x12″  $10.00        14″x14″  $12.00
Framed art – $15.00 each

Note: You are VERY welcome to choose your own panel and request a particular item for it to be made into!  Many stitchery pieces now come with the artist’s name and some even include a handwritten message from the artist!

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