Apr 282011

Letter Sent To Kathy (who made these) from an appreciative student:

Hello Mam,
This is pawan here,i told schools about the work you did,when i show the pics u send to aneel to the students.there was on pic of the embroidery of the women name Nazia.
when she looked at the pics she was so happy and she start to cry.she ask me if she can write you letter so she wrote it and i am going to translate in English.

“Wonderful and Honorable and beautiful mam kathy,
i am Nazia from abbotabad LWCO school.i cant walk because of my health and in my family i have three sisters and no brother,I was not able to get my education and could not go to school because we are so poor and when i grow no body want to marry me because i am sick.i life was aimless and there was nothing that i could do in my life.
my family was suffering so much because of poverty.
i hear that LWCO starts a school in our village for all the poor people.first i did not believe that there is any people who think for poor and specially for women
i ask my mother that i want to go to school first she laugh at me and then she said ok we will go next month but i was wanted to be quick i ask my sister to go with me and meet miss pawan she was very very kind and she welcome me by giving me hug,this was the first time when some one in my life smile for me and greet me this way.i could not control my self and start to cry for this great time that some one who is caring for women and humanity hugged me,
i start to go to schools and now its been about 1 year and 5 months that i am going there i had to suffer so many problem to get permission to go to school but now i am going
miss pawan comes at my home each day and bring me to school.i made one patch and give to sir aneel and i was so much happy when i see this on computer and when i saw that Honorable e mam kathy touched my work and made it more beautiful.i invite all my relatives at my home this evening at tea and told that how happy i was
i don’t have any words or thing to thank you i can give my tears to thank you for this really.thank you for working on the patches and making it wroth of 1000 rupess
Allah bless u amen

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