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Nathia Gli is a small village in Pakistan in the mountains outside of Abbotobad, an hours walk from the road. Winters are very harsh there. Last year and the year before when Aneel, the director of LWCO, went there disease was so rampant he became sick his life was in danger and he had to be hospitalized. Volunteer teachers still would hike in through deep snow and hot summers. Money couldn’t’t pay enough to do this type of work but they do it with joy and the determination to make a better life for others. Schools became established and women students learned how to not only read and write but to work together as a community and build prosperity together and to be teachers like those who came to help them. Water supplies were cleaned up. Smiles became more common and trust began to build.

I just received this letter below, written by committee, from the students. The point in sharing it is to show how powerful friendship can be to bring change. This isn’t possible by sending money to hire someone who works for the money to help others. It requires hands-on involvement.

I edited out the effusive salutation.

…… and thank you Sir for all you did and make us able to be proud of what we are.
Every time the winters come, We had nothing to do, We were idle and were doing nothing. These winters were exceptional. We make patches, cards we sew cloths for old and needy people around us and gave them to save themselves from the intensity of weather.
Everyone in village was so happy. We arranged meetings in our homes of LWCO students and families. We discuss for the betterment of village and schools.
We learn to be clean and neat and keep our homes neat.
And because of being neat and clean no one was sick and in pain. Only few people had some fever but they were recovered soon. We received gift books and read them with families that brings a big smiles for them.
We will say thank you for helping us change our lives.
We love you and Mam Laurie.

Smiles and prayers for our best Friend.

LWCO students
Nathia Gli village

by Greg Zaller

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  1. These stories renew my efforts here, I am also your friend and although I am not at your gatherings in the village, listening to the books being read. I get to share this in my life. Thank you for including me. Douglas

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