Jan 032013
Nagina and her mother pose for a photo in their home.

Nagina and her mother pose for a photo in their home

Hello everyone, my name is Nagina, and I am teaching the students of LWCO for the last four years.  This has been a life boosting experience for me, and it has changed my family’s life as well.

My brother and sisters are married and live with their in-laws, so I am the one to stay home with my parents and care for them.  I wanted more to do, and I joined the LWCOSchool as a teacher.  Today I have taught over 700 women to read, write, count and sew.  I love going to the school because every day I also learn from my students and every day is something new and interesting.  Since becoming a teacher, I have gained in self-confidence, and I pass these qualities on to my students.  I believe that when I teach a woman, I am teaching the whole family, because when a girl or a woman is educated, the entire family benefits.

My village people see me with respect, and wherever I walk, they call out their regards.  I have seen great changes in my village over the last four years.  Many of my village women now have work, and many have entered into marriages with good men.  The people here have gained in confidence and wisdom.

This is my mother in the photo.  She is a great support to me and comes to the LWCO school with me every day.  I try to be a good example for my students and villagers so they will see how positively LWCO has changed my life, and they will see that education can bring the same blessings to their lives.  My parents and friends say I am married to LWCO, and I say yes, this is my life and love.

I met Greg Zaller when he visited us in Pakistan, and I want to thank him for sending the recent New Year’s gifts of books for our schools.  I also want to thank Sir Douglas, Ma’am Vanessa, and all the other good people and stores that sell the LWCO cards to support our schools.  Your friends in Pakistan appreciate everything you are doing to help us have better lives.

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