May 182011

Anmol Khalik was 10 years old when she made the speech below. She attends an LWCO school near the city of Sargoda in Pakistan. She made this speech in 2010.

“This is our school which makes us real human beings and differentiatetes us from all other creatures.”

Very Honorable President, dear volunteers and my dear fellows, Aslam Alakam. Today I am going to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of school. A person’s luck starts and completes here. One of the sacred events completes here. The process of education is as important as the formation of society, its customs, and its principles.The best way of delivering the customs of a society to its new generations is with SCHOOL. Our  school is the most important pillar of our society. The process of learning new things in  school is very different from all the other ways of learning. In our  school we get a fundamental education, and also through different social activities we learn social behaviors and positive thinking which helps us in mental, spiritual and physical growth. This is our school which makes us real human beings and differentiatetes us from all other creatures. Unfortunately there are only 16 percent of the women educated in our country.

There is a saying, “Give me educated mothers and I will give you a great nation.” A mother’s lap is the first place for a child to learn. One man’s education is just for a single man but a women’s education means an education for the whole of a  nation.In this school all the children follow a proper syllabus and discipline. After completion of their books (studies) at the end of the year, they take their exams and the results are announced. All the students who pass in the exams get a certificates from the school. Our school gives the students all the basic necessities including a (school) building, books, and a great teacher who has her individual speciality of helping others. All of the students have the liberty to chose their subject and  follow a proper direction in their books for a specific time period.

In short we can say that, without our school it is impossible to think of a better future for our village. In our school we learn about culture, heritage, different perspectives of people. and helping others. We can tell this to our next generations and other peopleThe schools build the personalty of the student. The type of education people take helps them to think for the best future.Our school teaches us to be a hard worker in life and the importance of hard work and struggle.At the end I am so happy and thankful for my president sir Greg for opening this school for us and we promise we will be great mothers and an educated nation.

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