Call to Action


Volunteering? LWCO needs some Art! (Click Here)

Little World Community Organization is having great success by following a simple formula using volunteers to promote card sales that students are using in Pakistan to open and run schools for anyone.  LWCO students genuinely own and run the schools they attend.
The most important assistance they can receive from us to succeed in their quest to save Pakistan is help selling their embroidered greeting cards and other crafts. This is money they earn through their newly developed skills. This money says they are strong and they are worthy. It says they have made something beautiful that others in the developed world admire and want to buy. The ability to earn money is status changing; it gives them a voice and confidence. There is no substitute. They are also developing an array of local business. The cards are sold without profit but any other enterprise could be profit making.
So, they need your help! LWCO is still a very small group of volunteers in the USA primarily. Everyone does what they can.  No one gets paid money from the organization (students in Pakistan pay their teachers what they can)  but rather earn the satisfaction that they are truly helping to make the world a better place. . LWCO has been growing steadily by tilling the soil, planting the seeds and nurturing the  growth. Now there are thousands of women who see themselves as teachers to make teachers.
Here are some ideas you could consider to help:
  1. Buy a group of cards and resell them using a point of purchase display in a local store (see How to Sell Cards). A website shopping cart is coming soon!
  2. Help with distribution of the cards to the people in #1. above
  3. Make your own for profit business using custom embroidered works purchased from the LWCO students. Postage is about $1 per ounce in bulk shipments to California and then media rate or parcel post from there. see  Embroidered quilt takes first place in quilt show.
  4. Help to bring internet access into LWCO villages so students can use the web to develop and manage web businesses. This will probably be by satellite
  5. Develop our web presence through this site, facebook and beyond
  6. Teach English over skype to our coming soon high speed internet centers set up in remote Pakistani villages
  7. Help developing new products suitable for manufacture and sale through micro businesses
  8. Find and manage volunteers so that they can see what they are doing is making a contribution
  9. Spread this concept in new and creative ways. Pakistan is just the beginning. Network with other charities and share ideas.
  10. Take on the World Friendship Quilt, the first global art project.. An embroidery made up of squares from every corner of the earth to be visible on google earth.
  11. Interface with village student artisans and help them to develop new products to sell and develop businesses.
  12. It doesn’t matter what you know, you can help if you truly want. We will think of something..
  13. If you  want to  change the world from the ground up, you are welcome at LWCO.
  14. Contact Aneel or Pawan in Pakistan”Mr Aneel” <>
    Pawan Ilyas” <>, 
    or Greg Zaller in the USA