Greg Zaller

May 062011

Little World Community Organization has introduced an innovative and effect formula for ending poverty. Students in LWCO schools make hand embroidered greeting cards that can be sold in the USA or other countries. All proceeds go toward supporting their education

The cards are embroidered by Pakistani women to support their schools — and in many cases, their own education. All proceeds from card sales go back to them.

Newspaper Article

May 062011
LWCO Quilt

Women in Pakistan and in the United State collaborate have made a lovely quilt together that took first place in a regional quilt show.  This brings great joy and pride to peoples around the world.

A unique collaboration between two groups of women on opposite sides of the world has created an exquisite quilted wall hanging titled, “Little World — Many Women.”

Scrapbaggers, a mini-group within Pine Tree Quilt Guild, decided to ask the embroiderers to make pieces that could be used in a quilt. Fabric, thread and designs were selected and sent to Pakistan where the women quickly embroidered the sections. A box containing the quilt segments and greeting cards was then shipped to America

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