Little World Community Organization

May 242011

This is a copy of the official Pakistan registration of LWCO as a “Voluntary Social Welfare Agency” from 2008. Work began in 2005, but was not formally recognized for some time.

May 242011

A letter received in 2008 when LWCO had 700 students. By 2011, the number of students had increased to 4,000.

I have never seen such wonderful work in any other organization…

May 242011

The World Health Organization recognized LWCO for preparing to help disabled persons following a devastating earthquake there.  Below the certificate is a photo of the resulting event. “Help Others to Help Oneself.”


May 232011

LWCO needs a volunteer staffer who administers IT functions and the website. All of the functions in this position include a responsibility to train users in the correct use of technical resources. Some of the training materials have been prepared and published.

Skills you need already: WordPress, WP E-commerce, Youtube Channel,

Functions you supply:

  • Develop statistical tools for website, facebook and twitter usage.
  • Create managed user accounts for the volunteers of LWCO.
  • Encourage people to use the tools and talk about LWCO!
May 232011

Currently, LWCO has vacancies for English language writers who can translate one of these languages from common usage in Pakistan: Urdu.

LWCO is creating writing and translating positions so that each village and school may have someone to help tell their story. We are only just beginning this program, but hope that it will model for our own organization how to draw volunteers to a specific task. English is required of volunteers for this position. Each volunteer will be paired with a volunteer in the US or UK  who will translate texts.


  • Ability to use a computer and correspond using a GMAIL account.
  • Ability to correspond and communicate directly with an Urdu writer in Pakistan.
May 232011

Currently, LWCO has vacancies for writers in this language: Urdu.

LWCO is creating writing and translating positions so that each village and school may have someone to help tell their story. We are only just beginning this program, but hope that it will model for our own organization how to draw volunteers to a specific task. English is NOT required of volunteers for this position. Each volunteer will be paired with a volunteer in the US who will translate texts.


  • Ability to use a computer and correspond using a GMAIL account.
  • Ability to communicate directly with students in the schools. We hope that this will include visiting the schools in person, but in the beginning this work may be written correspondence.
May 182011

Anmol Khalik was 10 years old when she made the speech below. She attends an LWCO school near the city of Sargoda in Pakistan. She made this speech in 2010.

“This is our school which makes us real human beings and differentiatetes us from all other creatures.”

Very Honorable President, dear volunteers and my dear fellows, Aslam Alakam. Today I am going to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of school. A person’s luck starts and completes here. One of the sacred events completes here. The process of education is as important as the formation of society, its customs, and its principles.The best way of delivering the customs of a society to its new generations is with SCHOOL. Our  school is the most important pillar of our society. The process of learning new things in  school is very different from all the other ways of learning. In our  school we get a fundamental education, and also through different social activities we learn social behaviors and positive thinking which helps us in mental, spiritual and physical growth. This is our school which makes us real human beings and differentiatetes us from all other creatures. Unfortunately there are only 16 percent of the women educated in our country.

There is a saying, “Give me educated mothers and I will give you a great nation.” A mother’s lap is the first place for a child to learn. One man’s education is just for a single man but a women’s education means an education for the whole of a  nation.In this school all the children follow a proper syllabus and discipline. After completion of their books (studies) at the end of the year, they take their exams and the results are announced. All the students who pass in the exams get a certificates from the school. Our school gives the students all the basic necessities including a (school) building, books, and a great teacher who has her individual speciality of helping others. All of the students have the liberty to chose their subject and  follow a proper direction in their books for a specific time period.

In short we can say that, without our school it is impossible to think of a better future for our village. In our school we learn about culture, heritage, different perspectives of people. and helping others. We can tell this to our next generations and other peopleThe schools build the personalty of the student. The type of education people take helps them to think for the best future.Our school teaches us to be a hard worker in life and the importance of hard work and struggle.At the end I am so happy and thankful for my president sir Greg for opening this school for us and we promise we will be great mothers and an educated nation.

May 182011

“If I told them I wanted to go to school, they would laugh at me…”

My Name is Murtaza Bibi. I am 46 years old. I was born in Sadiqabad village where there had never been a school. When I was growing up, I wanted to learn anything that would help me in my life. I wasnot allowed even to go to my neighbor’s home and I had no friends.Sometimes when I heard stories about people having friends and learning many skills I would keep silent in my heart. I always worried about not being able to do this. We were so poor that often we had to goto sleep without eating, and sometimes we didn’t eat for days. My father mended shoes. He could barely find good work. I always wanted to help my father, but no one would allow meto go out and do anything for my family.

I know there are millions of women like me...

Then I got married and my husband had the same feelings as my father. He works at a local shop. When we had four children. it was very hard to feed them. There was one thing missing in my life, and that was school. I wanted to send my children to school so they would not be like me, but there was no school in our village. There was one school in the city, but that was far away. One year ago, we heard that some people were coming to our village to start a school. You know, when I heard this I went into my room and closed the door and danced with joy and happiness. I didn’t want to show to my husband how happy I was. I kept praying that these people would come again and really start the school. I asked my children to pray for this school. When I saw their small hands raised for prayers, I became certain that the school would start.

Attending Class

One day, I heard that on Monday there would be a school and our villagers could go to it. WOOOOOOOW WOOOOW! I CRIED! I CRIED! I DANCED! I REJOICED! I made sweet rice for my children for good luck. I wanted to talk to my husband to ask him if he would send the children to school, but I was afraid what would happen if he did not give permission. Finally, I did talk to him, and at first he was very upset and angry. After a few days when he saw many people going to school and smiling a lot and looking happy, he came and told me that this school was also for women. I asked him to say this again!!! For women!!! I said. “Can I go to school?” And then I realized what I had said and didn’t want to look at my husbands eyes. I knew he was going to be full of anger. He went out. I kept on thinking that if he sent me to my parents’ home and told them I wanted to go to school, they would laugh at me and not let me go. But he came home in the evening and said that the school begins at 11:00 and he had talked to many people and found that it was a safe place for women, and no men would come. He said I could go to school. I bowed down and could not stop crying and thanking Allah for giving me this chance. I could not sleep all night. That was the best night of my life.

I kept thinking about what I would do in school. What would I learn? Would people laugh at me? So many things! I got ready and went toschool at 9:40. I cleaned the mats and the whiteboard. I met Miss Pawan that very first day. She was a wonderful girl and she came to me and hugged me. I told her how anxious I was and she was very happy. I can never forget my first day at school. LWCO has changed my life. I have started to make friends. My best friend is Miss Pawan. I have 45 friends now. I come to school every day. My four children also attend the school and my husband is very happy. We are all 5 grateful to him. Now when I make cards and patches, Sir Greg sends me money for these things and I give this to my husband and we buy food and things for our children. We are so happy. LWCO has changed my life and my family’s life. I know my 4 children will be educated and so there will be 4 families who will get an education now, as well. We want to spread these schools to all villages. I know there are millions of women like me who have been waiting for LWCO. Sir Greg and Miss Pawan and the books will change their lives. I am so happy. I am so happy. I am so happy. Salaam to everyone who helps with this school. I have friends. I smile. I learn and I am learning so many things. I thank everyone for their help.

• • • • •

Note: Pawan is Murtaza’s teacher in the mountains above Abbotobad. There is great significance to obtaining permission to take her picture. It means she and her husband have the confidence to stand before the world to share the power of their story and set aside old beliefs to do it. Greg Zaller

May 182011

Little World Community Organization in Pakistan is a fresh and powerful approach to poverty based on education. LWCO is run by volunteers and empowers the poor to help themselves by helping others as teachers.

In LWCO,  primarily impoverished women–but also children and some men in separate schools–become teachers and educate their husbands and children and hope to teach others in the future.  Teachers are primarily young women who travel in from the cities in a special LWCO van for the joy of helping others and making a difference. Students often learn to read and write in one year. They also learn how to sew and embroider, care for their families,  act with dignity and poise,  solve problems creatively as a team, and  develop new businesses. They pool their money into a system of lending that they are developing called Community Family Bank. Deposits are without interest but pay back richly in community prosperity. Funds are used to help  begin  businesses. Everyone lifts up one and one lifts up everyone.  LWCO students came from a hopeless life where they feared to leave their homes to one now where they feel confident to change the world. Everyone is proud of them in their communities and they are proud of themselves.

Earning the money to support their schools, as students are learning to do, is an honor that they embrace passionately. They are very poor and barely have enough money to buy food. They need  help to get started. Some money is needed to buy materials, rent spaces for schools, and pay for transportation and other costs in Pakistan. Now most of this money is coming from the embroidered card sales. Cards are mailed to the USA and sold without profit and all proceeds returned to them them to use to support their schools and open new ones.  Students are also developing local businesses.   LWCO schools are compatible with local values because the curriculum contributes to local needs and interests. So far all challenges to educating women has turned the challengers into supporters. These women are bringing hope to a nation faltering under despair.

LWCO began in 2008. There is far more demand to start new schools than can be accommodated. LWCO students believe one day they will have thousands of schools across Pakistan and be reaching out to other areas.

LWCO is a unique  approach to empowering communities in Pakistan by giving the job and the credit to women.

May 172011

Here’s an article about how small retailers in California are helping LWCO by selling products in their stores–and all the while they benefit by increasing foot traffic and starting great conversations with their customers. That’s a pretty good result for just donating some counter space.

“People react with emotion to both the loveliness of the cards and the developing of peace through creativity and beauty,” said Andrea Baruch de la Pardo of Mowen Solinsky Gallery on Broad Street

Read The Full Article Here

May 172011

For many on the outside of LWCO, it seems to at first glance that LWCO is a charity that benefits women in Pakistan. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Little World Community Organization has a motto chosen by the students: “Help Others to Help Oneself.”

One of the first goals chosen by the students was to send assistance to nearby China after a devastating earthquake.

Here are some photos from a 2009 event providing services to disabled persons in their own area.

LWCO was accredited by the World Health Organization to do this important work.

May 172011

Here’s an article recounting the meeting of Greg Zaller and Aneel Mushtaq, a wonderful and generous volunteer in Pakistan. Many people involved with LWCO don’t know this story:

After the formation of Little World Community Organization, or LWCO, these schools were built in needy Pakistani villages in order to educate and empower women. The villages where the schools are located are currently filled with women who place more value and confidence in themselves, but it wasn’t always that way….

Read The Full Article Here.

Apr 282011

Here’s an early article about the very beginnings of the retail store program talking about what local artists and retailers were doing in California’s “Gold Country.”

Pakistani women are embroidering patches for notecards and other goods — for sale in western Nevada County — to raise money to build new schools and pay their teachers.

Read The Full Article Here.

Apr 282011
Attached with this email are the pictures of Misbah one of our student.Mam susan wrote her letter and send her card,She wrote a letter and make a beautiful new patch,she want to write all of you,i am going to translate it for you in English.
My Family of LWCO,i am Misbah from Faisalabad,Rasala 12 school,i have four more sisters who also come to school i study and work to help them and help my mother and my grandmother i requested sir Aneel to take our pictures and send the letter from my family and from me to you,in fact my mother want to write this letter and she can not write so i try to write what i can and my great teacher (Shumila)who is a best teacher help me write it.
this is what my mother said,
My name is Farzana i am mother of Misbah,first i want to thank Sir Greg’s help who start the school in our area,there was no school in our village,our daughters were doing nothing,there were always worry for their future and so do it because we know we can send our daughter to schools they don’t now any thing and no one will marry them,i have four daughters and i was very worry for them.After the prayers of 15 years at last one day i hear some one came from city,He talked to us and find out our problems,i bow down and request that boy to open schools he was so great he make me stand,and said i am your son we will start school.
And after one month the school has started,I was so happy,i send my daughter to school and first day when they come i invite all my relatives and tell them that how grateful i am for my daughters,that they go to schools,the teacher was very nice,Now it is almost 22 months our daughters are going to school,two can read and write,and all four can sew all the cloths,
And misbah can make the best embroidery.She works day and night and very hope full that when her patches will sell she will bring her grand mom to Doctor and will bring fruit for my family.she sew in nights,
Few days ago we hear that MAm susan have send letter to Mibah,it was the time of our family when we all sing and dance with joy,you will not believe it was after years when we were this much happy.when we hear that misbas work went to USA great,And some one who is a big person write to my poor daughter,I want to hug this lady who did this.i cant write more i want to cry.
thank you Sir greg,Mam susan sir Aneel for sweeping our tears.
we are very happy behind us is our house we all make it with mud.
please pray for us when rain comes it will stand.
we thank you from my daughter,Saima,Rafia,misbah,amber and their grand mother and from
LWCO is great.

A student and her mother.

Apr 282011
Teach with the children of some of his students.

I am Emanual a teacher of LWCO.i want to thank you first for letting me be a teacher in that school where every one try to help others.i want to share the importance of this schools with u.
this village is called Ghasit pura,this mean the place which is the poorest place ever.we work at the place where we make bricks,i had the chance to go to school when we were young and when my parents come to this village there was no school so we could not continue our education but i was wanted to when my father go to city he buy book for me and i read it.then i forget every thing and i was married i never think of school in my life.The place where we work we hardly earn 1500 rupees a month,Our women stay at home and some go with us and we make bricks,we collect the mud and make it.but when rain comes all our hard work go in vain and we did not earn any money because all mud melt.the honor of this place ask as to sign on the place when we ask for loan and some time they give us 500 as loan and write 15000 and as people don’t know read and write and put their thumb on it and go.and have to be slaves forever in their life.we don’t have medicines in our village.because of rain and mascitos bite so many people are getting sick.we need the medicinesour conditions are so bad.when one day i hear that some one came from city and he was Aneel he was talking to people and asking their problems.i talk to him also and all village request him for school he told us about Sir GREG and he told us that he will talk to you and then he will come back,then u give the permission to open the school in our village.thank students first got to work in the morning and come to school of LWCO at 4 till 8 and they become so happy they are now start to read and wirte we are so happy.tomorrow we are going to have a help day when all our students will collect 2 rupees and we are going to one family house and will buy the medicine for them.Aneel told us to help others so we are doing this and this is the first time our all village will collect money and we will go to old lady home and will  give them medicines.We than you people.I request ANEEL to take my picture and send with letter.the women don’t want to come in front of camera so i am taking picture with children girls and boys of my students.again thank u

Teach with the children of some of his students.

Apr 282011

Hello there,

This is Aneel here,we bring this question to our schools.they talk about it in groups and share what make them hope full.

We combine their letters to give this answers,here it is

“WE are the Strong students of LWCO,First we would like to thank all the great volunteers who are helping us,Trying to sell our work,talking to people,sending us heart full messages,encouraging words,support and when no one care about Pakistan,about our people friends,our sick parents,Only LWCO and their great volunteers are HOPE for us,who are shining like Moon,we all students with our families sends our love,prayers,best wishes and above all our hugs to your ways to thank you for starting this great work and for your efforts to make it forward.

IF we just think what we were just two years ago,It seems like a big miracle that where we stand now,two our schools shared they said,they are so hope full that they believe that LWCO will 5000 schools in all areas where no body ever care any poor people.And LWCO will be strength for them as it becomes to us.

What make us hopefull the enthusiasm of our teachers,volunteers,the great support of Sir Greg Zaller,And our best hard work.we still remember when we buy first books for LWCO,At that moment no body could tell that time will come when LWCO students will write book, will talk to other people.will make some thing that people will like .

we request all schools to please don’t stop opening more schools.we tell you that this is the only way that we can help the world.

The world need LWCO in each corner,city,country and universe.

WE promise we will make more good things and people will buy it and one day,one schools will earn this much money that they will open 10 more schools from their earnings.

So we are very much hope full.

We are looking forward to make more and more things to send to all of you.

And we are ready for it.Mam Kathy’s great work we always see and it bring tears to our eyes,that these great hands are touching our things,and making them priceless.

Thank you to all

LWCO students.

Fsd,ATd,suka ksa,srg