Embroidered Crafts


LWCO students are able to pay the costs for their schools by making beautiful embroidered all-occasion cards and selling them through a network of participating stores in the United States. Students learn how to develop other local products and service  Students also can do other types of embroidery. Some are able to duplicate with embroidery the picture of a pet.  See our Quilt example.

All of the proceeds from card sales, without any profit taken out, are sent to a student finance committee in Pakistan to decide on how to spend it. Primarily it spent on school rent and transportation for volunteer teachers.

Husbands and fathers are proud to have their wives and daughters attend LWCO schools because they are learning valuable skills that help the families and the communities.

“All of this work is done by the students. Two years ago they were not able to hold a needle even. We hope the world will see this work. Students Request the world to please buy this art work so that this work may continue. Thank all of watching these things and spreading the word. LWCO FAMILY”