Jun 232012
LWCO school #4, Women education in Pakistan

Fourth school I visited during my stay in Pakistan was chak225 RB Malikawala. This was real rural area with mud roads and open channels for sewage water. The school buidling consisted of two room house. The big advantage was courtyard with shade tree. It was entirely different from other three schools I visited where most […]

May 142012
170 Years in 90 Seconds

LWCO sold 170 Hand Embroidered Greeting Cards at the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis on May 12, 2012. Here’s a 90 second video showing some really ordinary volunteer work. We learned something terrific. One of the volunteers stood in the aisle with a small sign. The sign said: $5 pays for One Year of […]

Aug 122011
Summer 2011 Survey

Aneel and the group of volunteers in Pakistan have undertaken an extensive survey of LWCO’s activities in Pakistan. Total students who attended an LWCO school including women and children. 8231 Total including secondary students–those taught outside the classroom–in their home, villages and while traveling. 10328 Total families who got education, sewing and skills. 4532 Total […]

May 182011
About LWCO

Little World Community Organization in Pakistan is a fresh and powerful approach to poverty based on education. LWCO is run by volunteers and empowers the poor to help themselves by helping others as teachers. In LWCO,  primarily impoverished women–but also children and some men in separate schools–become teachers and educate their husbands and children and […]

May 172011
Charity or Not?

For many on the outside of LWCO, it seems to at first glance that LWCO is a charity that benefits women in Pakistan. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Little World Community Organization has a motto chosen by the students: “Help Others to Help Oneself.” One of the first goals chosen by the […]

May 062011
Hands Craft Education

Little World Community Organization has introduced an innovative and effect formula for ending poverty. Students in LWCO schools make hand embroidered greeting cards that can be sold in the USA or other countries. All proceeds go toward supporting their education The cards are embroidered by Pakistani women to support their schools — and in many […]