Jun 012013
Sanaullah Opens a Gol Gappay Stand With the Help of LWCO Students

My name is Sanaullah, and as you can see, I am very old. When I lost my job, I didn’t know what I was going to do to take care of my family.

May 302013
Helping Others

The students of an LWCO school outside Abbotabad donated their books to a nearby school for children when they moved to a higher level. They are following the LWCO motto: “I can only help myself by helping others.”

May 292013
The Mighty Pen

I am Paveen from a very small village in Northern Pakistan.   I was working as a maid in the home of a family in a nearby city, and they did not treat me well.  I wanted something better in my life, but I could not think of that because I had a small brother […]

Mar 082013
The Students of Little World Community Organization in Pakistan Help Hajira Start a Business!

Salaam everyone,   I want to tell you my story.  My name is Hajira.  I am an older married woman who did not have any children.  My husband and I worried about our future with no one to help us, but then an amazing thing happened.   I joined the LWCO school in our village […]

Feb 232013
Somia Finds the Courage to Attend an LWCO School in Pakistan

Hello respected members of Little World Community Organization. My name is Somia, and I am twenty years old.  I am attending the LWCO school in my village for one year now.  Attending school is a new experience for me. When I was three years old I contracted polio, and afterwards I never walked on my […]

Nov 282012
Shagufta Shares Her Life in Pakistan

Hello friends of Little World Community Organization.  I am Shagufta, a hopeful and helpful student in an LWCO school.  My teacher took these photos so I can share my life with you.  I am so happy to have a school to go to every day to learn and be with friends.  I hope you enjoy […]

Aug 102011

I am Munira Bibi, a proud student of LWCO. I want to tell u about myself and my family. I am 60 years old and joined the school with two of my daughter in laws and younger daughter. All four of us came to the school that was just like a family gathering working and learning […]

Aug 042011
One Door Open

My name is Samina Tariq. We are seven sisters and two brothers. My father cleaned the houses to make living and we never had enough money to go to school. I remember that it was always heartbreaking for me to watch other children go to school. My father arranged marriages for us in very young […]

Jun 222011
Today she said it herself!

My name is Nagina, I belong to LWCO school in gogri village. I started coming to the school a yera ago, when I started my learning journey here I did not know anything about sewing embroidery even a single thing about it. But from the very first day i get the hope that soon I […]

May 182011
Anmol, Age 10

Anmol Khalik was 10 years old when she made the speech below. She attends an LWCO school near the city of Sargoda in Pakistan. She made this speech in 2010. “This is our school which makes us real human beings and differentiatetes us from all other creatures.” … Very Honorable President, dear volunteers and my […]

May 182011
Murtaza, Age 46

“If I told them I wanted to go to school, they would laugh at me…” My Name is Murtaza Bibi. I am 46 years old. I was born in Sadiqabad village where there had never been a school. When I was growing up, I wanted to learn anything that would help me in my life. […]

Apr 282011
Mother, Daughter

Attached with this email are the pictures of Misbah one of our student.Mam susan wrote her letter and send her card,She wrote a letter and make a beautiful new patch,she want to write all of you,i am going to translate it for you in English. “ My Family of LWCO,i am Misbah from Faisalabad,Rasala 12 […]

Apr 282011

Hello there, This is Aneel here,we bring this question to our schools.they talk about it in groups and share what make them hope full. We combine their letters to give this answers,here it is “WE are the Strong students of LWCO,First we would like to thank all the great volunteers who are helping us,Trying to […]