Mar 062013
Report From LWCO Finance Team

The students and volunteers in LWCO schools choose the team.  Team members are the most consistent students with regular attendance. Sometimes team members are too shy to face the group, but we choose them because they are good with calculations.  Soon they gain confidence and share their findings. The team stays in contact with all […]

Jun 232012
LWCO school #4, Women education in Pakistan

Fourth school I visited during my stay in Pakistan was chak225 RB Malikawala. This was real rural area with mud roads and open channels for sewage water. The school buidling consisted of two room house. The big advantage was courtyard with shade tree. It was entirely different from other three schools I visited where most […]

Jun 212012
Faisalabad School #1

The LWCO School called “#1” is simply the first of a group of schools in Faisalabad. There are a total of 107 students who participate at ONLY THIS  location. Total Students 107 Female 81 Male 16 Under 10 years old 11 Under 20 years old 39 Married 27 Single 80 Primary Language Urdu See the neighborhood […]