Jan 032013
An LWCO Teacher Writes a Letter

Hello everyone, my name is Nagina, and I am teaching the students of LWCO for the last four years.  This has been a life boosting experience for me, and it has changed my family’s life as well. My brother and sisters are married and live with their in-laws, so I am the one to stay […]

May 302012
LWCO schools for women education in Pakistan

Little World Community Organization is carrying on the mission of educating adult Pakistani women and children at no cost in rural areas of Pakistan for past six years. In my current visit to Pakistan, I am on a quest to put each school of LWCO on world map with facts and figures, so other people […]

May 282012

We will try and build out a larger map including some linked information to schools. Internet access is both rare and expensive in these areas so it is difficult to gather and share this information. View LWCO schools in Pakistan in a larger map

Apr 282011
Teacher in Ghasit

I am Emanual a teacher of LWCO.i want to thank you first for letting me be a teacher in that school where every one try to help others.i want to share the importance of this schools with u. this village is called Ghasit pura,this mean the place which is the poorest place ever.we work at […]