Jun 012013

With the money from the LWCO students I bought my cart, dishes, and the ingredients to make gol gappay. I now earn over 150 rupees a day and my daughter makes money sewing clothes with the skills she learned at the LWCO school. Together we can support our family.

Mar 082013
The Students of Little World Community Organization in Pakistan Help Hajira Start a Business!

Salaam everyone,   I want to tell you my story.  My name is Hajira.  I am an older married woman who did not have any children.  My husband and I worried about our future with no one to help us, but then an amazing thing happened.   I joined the LWCO school in our village […]

Feb 232013
Somia Finds the Courage to Attend an LWCO School in Pakistan

Hello respected members of Little World Community Organization. My name is Somia, and I am twenty years old.  I am attending the LWCO school in my village for one year now.  Attending school is a new experience for me. When I was three years old I contracted polio, and afterwards I never walked on my […]

Feb 182013
In Northern Pakistan, Ahmad Finds a Way to Educate His Younger Sisters

LWCO students sew hand-embroidered scarves to support their schools Salaam my friends. My name is Ahmad, and I live in a village in Northern Pakistan.   I have two older sisters and two younger sisters.  My older sisters are married, and my younger sisters and I live with our parents.  I studied at a government […]

Feb 162013
From Buffalo to School:  A Grandmother's Story

Dear Supporters of LWCO,   My name is Khatoon Bibi, and I am 70 years old.  I have three daughters and two sons, and they are all married with children of their own.  Sometimes I take care of my grandchildren in my home, and it reminds of the time I was so busy raising my […]

Jan 192013
In Pakistan, a Mother and Daughter Join Together to Support Their Family

Hello respected friends of LWCO,   Salaam to you.  My name is Bibi Gul, and I am 55 years old.  I raise chickens and sell eggs in my village.  Because I am a widow, I could not afford to send my daughter to school for education.  On the dark days, I could not sell even […]

Dec 132012
Women in Nevada County Team With Women in Pakistan

The embroidered patches on this prize winning quilt were made by LWCO students in Pakistan.  In a team effort with quilters here in the United States, women created a masterpiece that was auctioned for $2500 to benefit breast cancer research.

Dec 092012
LWCO Greeting Cards

These beautiful greeting cards are hand embroidered by the students of LWCO to support their schools.  The stores that carry these cards donate ALL of the proceeds to the students in Pakistan.

Dec 022012
A Lonely Bride Is Helped By Her Mother-in-Law

Hello Dear People, My name is Tehmina, and I have been an LWCO student for the last year. I got married three years ago and have a baby girl now.  I never went to school before as it was hard for girls from my village to go far from their homes and learn something.  After […]

Nov 252012
A grandmother in Pakistan changes her mind about education for girls

Assalam o alaikum respected people of Little World Community Organization. My name is Zainab, and I live in a small village in Northern Pakistan with my eight family members.  We are my grandmother, my mother, my father, my two brothers, and we three sisters. My grandmother always said the boys are important in a family […]

Nov 212012
A Letter of Thanksgiving

Salaam to all people. I start my letter by thanking all the people who make it possible that I have school today.  I thank you everyone for completing this school for me and my friends. My name is Falak Bibi, and I have children and a husband.  My husband repairs punctured bicycle tires in our […]

Nov 172012
Shaista learns embroidery-" I worked and worked to do it right, and after several days ...."

Hello to all my friends of LWCO! My name is Shaista, and I live in a village north of Mansehra, Pakistan.  I am a married woman with four children.  I wanted to write you about my experience going to an LWCO school. When I went to the school I saw women making wonderful pictures with […]

Nov 152012
A Letter From Nosheen

This is me reading to my sister. Dear Friends of LWCO, My name is Nosheen, and I live near Abbotabad, Pakistan.  I went to school when I was very young, but I left before I learned to read because of family problems.  Then a Little World Community School came to my village.  They said I […]

Feb 172011
Meet Anmol Khalik, An Amazing 10 Year Old Girl in LWCO Schools

Anmol Khalik was 10 years old when she made the speech below. She attends an LWCO school near the city of Sargoda in Pakistan. She made this speech during my visit to her school  in 2010. . . Very Honorable President, dear volunteers and my dear fellows, Aslam Alakam. Today I am going to take the […]

Feb 112011
Murtaza Bibi: An Emotional Story of a Woman's Empowerment in Pakistan

My Name is Murtaza Bibi. I am 46 years old. I was born in Sadiqabad village where there had never been a school. When I was growing up, I wanted to learn anything that would help me in my life. I was not allowed even to go to my neighbor’s home and I had no […]

Feb 022011
A Wonderful Success Story

Nathia Gli is a small village in Pakistan in the mountains outside of Abbotobad, an hours walk from the road. Winters are very harsh there. Last year and the year before when Aneel, the director of LWCO, went there disease was so rampant he became sick his life was in danger and he had to […]