Nov 112010
Pakistani Village Mothers  Send Love to the USA

Six hundred hand embroidered greeting cards are on their way to the USA from deep inside Pakistan. On the back each one is signed by its  artist, “Made with Love by name“. These cards are often painstakingly made through the night under candlelight by Pakistani women with gleams in their eyes. They are awake but […]

Jun 142010
Pakistan School is a Marriage Opportunity

I was surprised to learn that 740 women were married out of the Little World Community Organization schools since their inception two and half years ago. It had been too dangerous/crazy there for women to leave their homes and be seen by others even for purposes of marriage (that’s another topic, interesting as well). Not […]

Mar 132010
World Friendship Quilt Comes to Cal Organics

Well, it is official now, the World Friendship Quilt has been launched in the USA at California Organics in Nevada City. The quilt began in Pakistan as the work of 600 village women by traveling from house to house because of the danger of women assembling in schools. It is the embroidered picture of a […]

Jan 242010

The truth is that we are all part of one giant world family, regardless of what we might think. When would it ever work to pay your spouse to help your child? It is the same with paying charities to help the poor. This work must come from the heart, not a pocket book. I […]

Jan 132010

If “problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking that created them” as Einstein advised, then Little World Community Organization should be looked at very closely by those serious about solving the problems of poverty. LWCO isn’t a charity asking for your money in exchange for promises of success. LWCO is an opportunity […]

Jan 022010

Little World Community Organization, LWCO, began about two years ago in late 2007 with the survey of a small village called Sargoda in the Pujab area of Pakistan.  The idea of the survey was to explore the community needs, aspirations and commitment to change. The surveyors were organized by Aneel -more about him later- and instructed […]