Feb 162013


Dear Supporters of LWCO,


My name is Khatoon Bibi, and I am 70 years old.  I have three daughters and two sons, and they are all married with children of their own.  Sometimes I take care of my grandchildren in my home, and it reminds of the time I was so busy raising my children.  My husband died when we were still young, so I was left alone to care for my children.


We were fortunate because we had several buffalo.  I would sell the buffalo milk in the village to earn money for my children’s needs.  My children were not able to go to school because I could not afford the fees, so they stayed home and helped me with the buffalo.  I always wished that when my grandchildren came along, they could go to school.


It was very difficult to pay the school fees for my grandchildren.  In Pakistan, we have to pay for uniforms and school supplies.  We struggled to have enough food, so we could not pay for school when my grandchildren got older.  Then my friend told me about the LWCO school in a nearby village.  She said my granddaughter could go there without a uniform or money for school supplies.  My granddaughter was only fifteen years old, so I took her to the school myself to see it.  I found the school a safe place for a young girl, and I started taking her there every day because I did not want her to travel alone.


The teacher at the school said I could learn, too.  I told her my eyesight is too poor for school, but she wrote large letters and taught me to write my name.  She worked with me to learn how to speak in a way that is easier to understand, and she showed me how clean my house and cook healthier food.  I am now joining the world instead of spending all my day with my buffalo and children.  My granddaughter is developing her skills so she will have a future.  Thank you everyone for this chance to achieve a better life.


Translated by Ms. Ilyas – LWCO Volunteer

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