Jan 242010

The truth is that we are all part of one giant world family, regardless of what we might think. When would it ever work to pay your spouse to help your child? It is the same with paying charities to help the poor. This work must come from the heart, not a pocket book. I started a woman’s education organization in Pakistan (lwco.org) where my financial contributions only go to material expenses and no one is paid. We work together as a family. We are a family and there are some members in the USA now but thousands in Pakistan. These Pakistanis are mostly poor village women and some men. They are becoming rich with the purpose of ending poverty themselves through self-sufficiency based education and equality. The money they are earning selling crafts goes to opening more schools. This year our goal is to expand to 200 schools and it is possible.

It’s been a struggle to find others who understand what we are doing and who then want to participate with a skill or action, but we are getting there. I truly believe that the successful answer to poverty is for us to work together as a family and not be donating to large organizations or admiring famous people. The solution is within each of us, and it is to find a role for ourselves as part of a global family based on helping others.

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  1. I had the great fortune to be added to this family, and have been a joyful participant since. As I have taken action in promoting the embroidered cards for sell in our community (this is one way the women in Pakistan are providing for their education), I have received many benefits. New access to my community, a sense of connectivity with the humanity I am part of, especially the nameless billions I will never meet, but am part of. Working with Greg is helping me to define my own values and purpose as a participating human being. All of these benefits are like the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the subtle feelings unleashed within, as a volunteer including my fellows in my life. I am sure that other people that would like to include themselves in this family will be able to reach people and businesses that I would not. So consider participating in your own rewards…….

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