Apr 282011
Card Sorter and Flyer



The best way to help LWCO is to help  our schools earn their own way successfully.  The sale of one $5 all-occasion card pays the costs of one person to attend school for about six months. The process of earning money and understanding how it is used is one of the most important lessons of the LWCO schools.

We suggest that supporters purchase twenty all-occasions cards and  point of purchase materials for $100. All of this money will be sent to the schools to utilize and, after expenses, will support approximately ten years of school for one person.  Store owners can be successfully solicited to place the included stand on their counter in partnership with you and sell them for $5.00 each. This partnership will recover all of the initial costs and do more good with the money than can hardly be imagined. The cards are all original works of art with several students lovingly working on each of them. They are signed on the back and they are worth  five dollars. They also come with a short description of  LWCO  and act as a form of education to the purchasers about  this model of international development. The point of purchase materials consists of a stand, a solid display card, and picture based materials.

Supporters are welcome to submit their bio and philosophy to post in the supporters blog area.  This is a help,  so we would greatly appreciate this effort.


Please specific whether you need the point of purchase display materials. These are provided free of charge but there is a cost associated with them.



Card Stand and Hardback Card

Empty Card Stand

Finished Display

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