Feb 182013

LWCO students sew hand-embroidered scarves to support their schools

Salaam my friends. My name is Ahmad, and I live in a village in Northern Pakistan.


I have two older sisters and two younger sisters.  My older sisters are married, and my younger sisters and I live with our parents.  I studied at a government school, which was very cheap, but I had to drop out when I was in the 5th Standard because my father became quite ill, and I needed to work.  Without any skills, I could only do small things at a shop in the village.  Every month I would bring home 2000 rupees ($21) which was not enough for our family’s survival.  My mother went to work in people’s houses so we could have money for basic necessities.


I saw some of the women in our village going to the LWCO school, and I wondered if my sisters could attend.  My sisters told me the school teaches reading, writing, sewing, and embroidery skills.  They said the village women told them the school was free of cost.  I could not believe this, and I told my sisters I would have to go to the school and confirm what the women told them because our family did not have any money for school fees.  I went to the neighborhood with the school and talked to several men who live there.  They told me it is true that the LWCO school is free, and that they are comfortable with their wives and daughters going there because the school is a helping place.  I took my sisters to the school, and now they are very happy.  They come home every day talking about what they are learning and their future, instead of staying in the house all day with no prospects for a better life.


I am inspired to work harder for my family.  Today I am 25 years old and mature enough to take on the responsibility for my parents.  I am so relieved that LWCO shared my burden of educating my sisters.  Today we all have hope for the future.

Translated by Shumila – LWCO Volunteer Teacher


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