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If “problems can’t be solved at the same level of thinking that created them” as Einstein advised, then Little World Community Organization should be looked at very closely by those serious about solving the problems of poverty. LWCO isn’t a charity asking for your money in exchange for promises of success. LWCO is an opportunity to creatively join in community with the poor and help them end poverty themselves. It works.

Typically in maturing organizations there will develop a disciplined hierarchy of control. As LWCO has matured the control has moved into the hands of the poor as it has educated them to handle this responsibility. Instead of centralizing, LWCO is decentralizing.

As its founder and chief USA volunteer, I am now getting directions and reports directly from women that were previously without a voice, having little value, and unable to safely leave their homes without escorts and being fully covered from view. Now, all of this has changed for the better. Entire villages have happily changed their views about women and how to find hope.

In the letter to follow first ignore my name, or put in your own name because it could be you. It’s not that hard to be a part. Also, note that conditions in Pakistan in many areas are far harsher than we have been told with starvation closely looming and yet these women have hope and are working hard for a better day. It is very humbling.

If you can hear this: they need your help now. They have learned to fish and to teach others to fish, but their pool is empty. They need your help to develop our web presence, educate others, and help with their marketing efforts.

You can contact me at gregzaller@gmail.com

The report:

This is Sara Reporting from sajikot school.
it is my pleasure to talk to you and tell about schools.It was my passion to talk to you but i was afraid and did not know how to write but i am so happy that now i can write and could report you.i am reporting in Urdu and i will request teacher pawan to translate it for you.
Yes Sir Greg we know it is a big goal to open 26 more schools.but you teach us to never give up and try new ideas so we all are doing this and we are hope full we will have good number of schools more in the end of the year. (The students have made a goal to go from 22 to 60 schools this year. Already they are at 24) Students are looking forward to hear if some one more buy their cards this time if we will have sales and money will come in we will spend 70 percent on opening anther schools.we all pray that soon our cards sells. (While in dire poverty they are contributing over half of their income to help others)
we are trying to talk to news paper people to see if they can help us.
we are working hard to complete valentines cards soon. (The students are selling embroidered greeting cards. A new effort is beginning for Valentines Day)
we will send all the cards to Sir Aneel soon he will send you.
Sir starvation is coming to Pakistan it is almost here and people are not buying any thing and are worry there is no food left,No electricity,no cng no gas,.now no water.it will very hard to get local sales but we can try .we they can write or stitch any big flower for us on the large picture. (This picture she is referring to can be seen at Cal Organics in Nevada City. They are looking forward to the picture being returned with a large flower stitched on it by everyone) And then when it will come here we will make it big and better.
we all send our thanks and regards. (It is humbling to receive a thank you and regards from someone beset with starvation and war)

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