Jun 232012

Fourth school I visited during my stay in Pakistan was chak225 RB Malikawala. This was real rural area with mud roads and open channels for sewage water. The school buidling consisted of two room house. The big advantage was courtyard with shade tree. It was entirely different from other three schools I visited where most students were sharing small space or teachers had to carry on school in two shifts to accomodate students. In this school all female students were sitting under the shade of the tree.

Main entrance of the school.

I was curious to find out about other public schools, population demographics and jobs that are available for men and women in this village in order to get a feel of how LWCO school is contributing in strengthening the community. I was told that nearby public school is 8 miles away, there are private academy schools but their fees are very high. Most of the men go to the city for labour jobs and women work as house maids. The volunteer teachers for this school was a young couple, husband works in a medical store and spend his spare time with his wife to facilitate and share her load of work.

Volunteer teacher couple

Yasmine Navid told me that she has vocational training from government institute and she is proud to pass on her skills of embroidery, pattern cutting and stitching. She supervise two shifts of students in a day, morning time is devoted to the adult female students of 45-50. Evening time is devoted to 4o young students.

Many women were there with young children. These women did not get opportunity to go to school at young age and now LWCO school is providing them opportunity to gain what was denied to them earlier. They work hard in their houses and make time to come to school from 9 am to 1 pm. Their husbands do not object as they know that they are going to learn to read and write as well learn skills to add income to the household. In Pakistan 95% of the people buy fabric and then get it stiched by tailors. It is very different from other Western countries where one can go to the mall and buy ready to use clothes. For these women learning to cut pattern and stitch clothes is very useful skill, they can carry out sewing operation from comfort of their houses without stepping out of the house.

I was so proud of her when she read passage from Urdu book.

I was very impressed with one student ( above picture). I asked her if I can test her reading skills and she openly joined me infront of other students. I gave her my reading glasses. It was amazing and heartwarming to hear her read words completely. She was my hero of this school.

Few of the problems that this school is facing is lack of enough sewing machines to accomodate more students. People are becoming more aware of LWCO school that provides free education and hand on training of skills and parents are motivated to send their daughters without hesitation now. This is all hard work of volunteer teachers of this scchool.

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