May 302012
Education and skill of cloth designing goes hand in hand

Little World Community Organization is carrying on the mission of educating adult Pakistani women and children at no cost in rural areas of Pakistan for past six years. In my current visit to Pakistan, I am on a quest to put each school of LWCO on world map with facts and figures, so other people can see the impact of these schools in those communities.

“You want to build a nation then educate their women” My father used this quote often and it is very true. Educated skilled women can generate income for their household and become effective member of their community. My first stop was LWCO school near Satiana road, Faisalabad. Conversation with the teachers and students allowed me to get facts about the school. Sajida Manzoor is a volunteer teacher for past four years.

  • This facility serve 40 children and 17 adult women.
  • Children as well as women get primary education up to grade 5.
  • There is no government school in the settelement and closest school is at 8 miles distance.
  • School timing is 8am to 1pm.
  • LWCO funds books  and other supplies and books are recycled from one class to next.
  • There is no fee for the students to attend school.
  • Adult women learn skills of pattern cutting, sewing and embriodery.
  • Over 20 women have completed their training and now they are earning income for their household from comfort of their homes by sewing and embriodery work.
  • It is frequent that many members of same family attend school.

Unlike other NGO’s, LWCO does not rely on donations. Students in LWCO schools have developed hand made greeting cards that are being used for multiple purposes. Sales of these cards generate funds to support these schools.

Self esteem and helping others is very important for volunteers and students. Each student has a unique story to tell. The teacher of this school has told me that this school is refuge for her to get away from her troubled home life.  She does not have children of her own and teaching children and women make her feel needed. It fills the void in her life with purpose.

Many a times multiple members of the same household attend the school. I met mother and daughter who come to school to learn to read and write as well as get their hands on dying skill of embriodery.


LWCO schools also act as a community center, where these women can discuss their famiy issues, learn information on health topics and other social issues.

One of the problem these schools are facing is limited space to accomodate more students. Student number is increasing but space is limited. One of the volunteer told me that it is very hard on them to say no to new students due to lack of sapce availability. However they are determined to carry forward message of Little World and help others.

Posted by: Summaira Riaz



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