Apr 282011
Attached with this email are the pictures of Misbah one of our student.Mam susan wrote her letter and send her card,She wrote a letter and make a beautiful new patch,she want to write all of you,i am going to translate it for you in English.
My Family of LWCO,i am Misbah from Faisalabad,Rasala 12 school,i have four more sisters who also come to school i study and work to help them and help my mother and my grandmother i requested sir Aneel to take our pictures and send the letter from my family and from me to you,in fact my mother want to write this letter and she can not write so i try to write what i can and my great teacher (Shumila)who is a best teacher help me write it.
this is what my mother said,
My name is Farzana i am mother of Misbah,first i want to thank Sir Greg’s help who start the school in our area,there was no school in our village,our daughters were doing nothing,there were always worry for their future and so do it because we know we can send our daughter to schools they don’t now any thing and no one will marry them,i have four daughters and i was very worry for them.After the prayers of 15 years at last one day i hear some one came from city,He talked to us and find out our problems,i bow down and request that boy to open schools he was so great he make me stand,and said i am your son we will start school.
And after one month the school has started,I was so happy,i send my daughter to school and first day when they come i invite all my relatives and tell them that how grateful i am for my daughters,that they go to schools,the teacher was very nice,Now it is almost 22 months our daughters are going to school,two can read and write,and all four can sew all the cloths,
And misbah can make the best embroidery.She works day and night and very hope full that when her patches will sell she will bring her grand mom to Doctor and will bring fruit for my family.she sew in nights,
Few days ago we hear that MAm susan have send letter to Mibah,it was the time of our family when we all sing and dance with joy,you will not believe it was after years when we were this much happy.when we hear that misbas work went to USA great,And some one who is a big person write to my poor daughter,I want to hug this lady who did this.i cant write more i want to cry.
thank you Sir greg,Mam susan sir Aneel for sweeping our tears.
we are very happy behind us is our house we all make it with mud.
please pray for us when rain comes it will stand.
we thank you from my daughter,Saima,Rafia,misbah,amber and their grand mother and from
LWCO is great.

A student and her mother.

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