Aug 102011

I am Munira Bibi, a proud student of LWCO. I want to tell u about myself and my family. I am 60 years old and joined the school with two of my daughter in laws and younger daughter. All four of us came to the school that was just like a family gathering working and learning with other students. The best thing is here no one is older or younger. We are all class fellows and we help each other in learning new things and when we come back home we have so many things to work on that my husband and my sons appreciates us, instead of having any arguments. It made me felt strong and useful part of the community. We use to sit together and have a good time learning and repeating what we learnt in the school.

Even though I am aged woman, I have learnt so many new things in the school. It has been a lifetime experience for my daughters and me. We want to tell you that LWCO schools are not only helping one person but it is helping the whole family like us. It is like learning and then sharing that knowledge to others. My daughters would teach skills to their friends and to their daughters when they will grow up. Likewise this knowledge will keep on helping so many lives and will give the women of the villages a new hope and way to make their lives better. You taught us to never give up and keep working hard. We all are ready to do whatever we can do to continue our studies. May Allah help us to succeed LWCO schools in spreading knowledge. Salam to all.

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