Jun 012012

Don’t know how to create a webpage including a link to another site? Cool. That’s what this post is about.

These are instructions for using an Excerpt from material that is already somewhere else on the internet. Don’t be alarmed that they look so detailed at first… after you have done 3 or 4 you’ll have the hang of it. This is the easiest promotional work for LWCO.

TASK: Create a POST document on the LWCO website that points to a news article or blog entry. This will NOT work to create a link to comments made on articles about other topics.

To begin, have the LWCO site in one window and the article in another.

267 STEPS?? Well, almost.

  • Login to lwco.org/wp-admin
  • Choose Post, then Add New
  • Add a title, for Newspapers, use a title that looks like this: Jan 2013 New York Times (these words show up on the side and it’s nice to have them all LOOK approximately the same)
  • Choose a Category (right side, below the ‘publish’ button): “LWCO in the News”
  • click your mouse in the writing area below the title
  • Write at least 30 words introducing the article
  • Hit your Enter key for a new paragraph
  • COPY N PASTE a short paragraph FROM the article
  • Hit your Enter key for a new paragraph
  • Type this: “Read The Full Article Here.”
  • Hit your Enter key for a new paragraph
  • HIGHLIGHT the quote from the article
  • Click the Quote icon on the toolbar (picture is of this–> ”  )
  • HIGHLIGHT the line “Read The Full Article Here.”
  • Go look at the article and copy the addres line: “http://address.com/articlecontents”
  • Return to LWCO post editor and click the chain icon on the toolbar
  • Paste the address in the first line: http://address.com/articlecontents
  • Type two or three Captialized Words In The Second Line
  • Check the box that says “Open in new window”
  • Click Update
  • NOW You can click blue button on the right that says Publish

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