Mar 082013

Salaam everyone,


I want to tell you my story.  My name is Hajira.  I am an older married woman who did not have any children.  My husband and I worried about our future with no one to help us, but then an amazing thing happened.


I joined the LWCO school in our village three years ago.  It is wonderful to learn to read and write, and the students taught me the LWCO motto:  “I can only help myself by helping others.”


I try to always practice the motto and help other students and people in my village.  I want to spread happiness everywhere I go.  Then a volunteer named Mushtaq came to my home and said, “The students of LWCO have a surprise for you. Come to the school and see.”


With great anticipation, I went to the school, and there was a tandoori oven!  The oven is made of mud and used to cook rotis and vegetables.  It costs nothing to use because it heats with little wood branches from dead trees.  The students presented me with ten kilograms of flour and some vegetables they bought with money saved over five months.  “Now you can start your business!” they shouted.  My eyes were so wet with tears, I could not see. 


I am sending you pictures of my business.  I make rotis and vegetables that sell in our village.  Everyone with money buys from me.  I give food every day to families who have no money.  Today I am living the life of my dreams.


Here is my recipe for rotis:


300 grams flour

10 ml oil

5 ml salt

Mix in:

175 ml warm water

Put flour on your hands and take out small balls of roti mix.  Pat into thin pancake. Cook on each side about 30 seconds, or until brown and bubbly.  Eat and enjoy!

 Translated by Teacher AnamImageImage