Jan 192013

Hello respected friends of LWCO,


Salaam to you.  My name is Bibi Gul, and I am 55 years old.  I raise chickens and sell eggs in my village.  Because I am a widow, I could not afford to send my daughter to school for education.  On the dark days, I could not sell even one egg to buy flour to feed my children.  Many times I was frightened about how we would survive.


The teacher from the LWCO school came to me and said my daughter could go to that school for no money.  She could go without buying paper, books, or a uniform.  No money.  I let my daughter go to that school.


Since my daughter started going to that school, there has been a pleasant change in our family.  She always talks in a positive way and tries to keep our hopes and dreams alive.  She often says to me to stop worrying, and that one day we will have a good life and food to eat every day.


My daughter learns to read, manage money and sew at the LWCO school.  The day she came home with her first income was the best day of my life.  She gave me the money and told me to buy food for our family.  I felt proud to be the mother of this special girl.


My daughter has been attending the LWCO school for two and half years now.  She told me the day is coming when I will not have to walk into the village to sell eggs.  She says she will sew patches for cards and make clothes to support me and buy food for our family.  Now occasionally I have time to visit the school myself.  The teacher treats me with respect, and I feel relieved to see what a safe and friendly environment the school is for my daughter.  I am so thankful to the volunteer teachers and our friends outside of Pakistan for making this school possible for my daughter and me.


Translated by Miss Ilyas – LWCO volunteer ImageImage

Taking the eggs to the village market