Jun 102013

Rukhsana Keeps the Classroom Clean and Beautiful

Hello everybody! I am Rukhsana, and in my LWCO school I learned about germs and cleanliness. Continue reading »

May 292013

ImageI am Paveen from a very small village in Northern Pakistan.


I was working as a maid in the home of a family in a nearby city, and they did not treat me well.  I wanted something better in my life, but I could not think of that because I had a small brother and sister at home who needed food.  I would think of them at home with hunger and put efforts into my cleaning, but still the family I worked for treated me badly.


One day a teacher from LWCO came to my house.  She handed me a pen and said, “In our schools, we solve our problems with a pen.”  She brought me to the school where I shared my problems with the other students.  My fellow students listened and gave me suggestions to help me.


Now I am a happy student of LWCO.  I am proud of this school and I love my teacher.  She gave me the pen that changed my life.  I can read and write now, so I work at a business where I make more money and am treated with respect.  I am very happy with my work.  I still go to school to learn more and help other women like me.


Thank you everybody for this school!


Translated by Ms. Ilyas – LWCO Teacher

Apr 072013

Housewife From Tribal Region Runs for Government Office

Badam Zari from Peshawar, Pakistan is the first woman from this tribal region to run for government office. She is a 38 year old housewife, and her husband and family support her efforts.

Pakistan ranks at the bottom in worldwide statistics for infant mortality and female literacy. The students of LWCO wish you the best, Mrs. Zari!