Jan 132013

Greetings to LWCO supporters.

My name is Nazeer, and I am a 65 year old person.  I want to thank you for starting an LWCO school in my village.

I make flour for people in my small machine.  I have worked hard all my life doing this, but I do not make a lot of money.  I have two daughters, and I worry much about what will happen to them if I die or can not work.  There was no school in our village, and they could not go alone to the city for school.  My daughters were also worried for their future, and I was always in deep thinking about what would happen next for them.

When the LWCO school started in our village, I went myself to see it.  I saw it was a secure and safe place for my daughters, and I gave them permission to attend this school.  I talked to the other men in the village and told them this school was a safe place for women.   Now is the third year my daughters go to this school, and I am so proud of them.  They work hard to learn to read in this school, and they learn many new skills for life.  The villagers bring cloth to my daughters, and they sew them into clothes.  They earn money to help our family and buy food for our home.  My daughters are my pride and they are always beside me to help.  I am confident now that my daughters can go on with good lives to the future.ImageImageImage

Many fathers in my village share my feelings, and we are thankful for this school.  In the pictures I show you my life with my machines.  This is how I lead my life.


Translated by Aneel – LWCO Volunteer