Nov 112010

Six hundred hand embroidered greeting cards are on their way to the USA from deep inside Pakistan. On the back each one is signed by its  artist, “Made with Love by name“. These cards are often painstakingly made through the night under candlelight by Pakistani women with gleams in their eyes. They are awake but they are dreaming of touching someone deeply with their creation. This is often the case. These beautiful cards are truly  echoes of love. It takes one to two days to make them  before they are assembled into a large package and shipped to California. A dozen stores now feature these cards on their counters and sell them without profit. The $5 they cost is sent back directly into the hand of a committee of these women who use it to pay for the expenses of their school (there are 30 now)  as well as to open other schools. This money is a sacred energy to these women. Five dollars is the cost for one of them to attend an LWCO schools for a year and learn skills as wells as to read and write; $200 will open a school. One card represents the opportunity for a soul  in a remote village of Pakistan  to find hope where there had been none. They love us for making it possible for them to give this hope through their own efforts. Is there a better way to embrace the spirit of Christmas?

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  2 Responses to “Pakistani Village Mothers Send Love to the USA”

  1. Very well written, really gets all the main points across.

  2. Lovely cards. I came across this website several months after this was written and hope that the 600 cards were well received. It is wonderful to see people/NGO’s that are out in the world empowering women and fighting poverty. God bless.

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