Mar 062013
  • The students and volunteers in LWCO schools choose the team.  Team members are the most consistent students with regular attendance.
  • Sometimes team members are too shy to face the group, but we choose them because they are good with calculations.  Soon they gain confidence and share their findings.
  • The team stays in contact with all the schools through phone and reports from traveling volunteers.
  • Schools report on needs other than rent for schoolrooms, because this is consistent.  Last month some schools needed more wood for heat, one school needed a tube light, and one school needed five light bulbs.  Each school has its own team that meets the third day of the week to discuss needs and if the school can try to provide for those needs without LWCO funds.  Sometimes the community will donate, such as the case with the wood.
  • Requests are analyzed and filled as quickly as possible depending on the urgency of the request and the availability of funds.
  • The finance team evaluates how much embroidery thread, fabric and card stock needs to be purchased each month to meet the needs for card making to support the schools.  All items are purchased in bulk to save money.


This is how our finance team operates.  Team members serve on the Finance Committee for three months, and then a new member is chosen.  This allows more participation among the students.  Women can serve on the Finance Committee two times each year.


Translated by Mrs. Ilyas – LWCO volunteer

LWCO School 22 With Bulk Embroidery Thread and Donated WoodImage


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