Nov 172012

Hello to all my friends of LWCO!

My name is Shaista, and I live in a village north of Mansehra, Pakistan.  I am a married woman with four children.  I wanted to write you about my experience going to an LWCO school.

When I went to the school I saw women making wonderful pictures with beautiful colored threads.  There were so many colors, and I wanted to touch them.  My teacher said she would show me how to sew the threads into pictures like the other women.  My first attempts were not so good, and I was unhappy that my pictures were not beautiful.  My teacher told me to keep trying, and I would learn.  She told me one of the sayings in an LWCO school is, “Never give up.”  I worked and worked to do it right, and after several days I showed my teacher a flower I embroidered with blue, purple and green threads.  She said, “Your flower is beautiful, and we are going to make it into a card.”  I couldn’t believe it!  My embroidery was turned into a card that will be sold to support our school.  I think about who will buy my card and give it to someone to spread happiness among the people of another country.

I am becoming more and more expert at making pretty embroideries.  I show my work to my daughters, and they are so happy and proud that their mother can do this.  Now I am teaching them how to embroider, too.  It is so exciting to have an LWCO school in our village where we can go and learn to read and sew.  This school has changed my life in wonderful ways.

Translated by Pawan Ilyas – teacher LWCO schools

Edited by Laurie Porter – teacher Nevada Union High School

LWCO, Little World Community Organization, is a grass roots schools system in Pakistan run and supported by village women. In the USA we support them by encouraging them and helping to sell the embroidered greeting cards they make to pay for their schooling. These schools bring peace because the students have earned the respect of their communities by learning to help themselves and others through education. Please visit us on FaceBook. Your help would be warmly welcome.




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