Feb 232013

Hello respected members of Little World Community Organization.

My name is Somia, and I am twenty years old.  I am attending the LWCO school in my village for one year now.  Attending school is a new experience for me.

When I was three years old I contracted polio, and afterwards I never walked on my legs again.  When I was little, my mother carried me everywhere she went, but as I got older she could no longer take me with her because I was too heavy.  I stayed in my house, and my mother worried about me.  She tried to get me to go to the local government school for children, but I was afraid.  I felt myself unfit to be a student and have other children around me.

Now I am an adult.  My mother made me leave the house and go to the LWCO school.  Everyone at the school is kind to me, and I am learning so many things.  I sew clothes now for my family and pretty things to decorate our house.  I am confident in my skills and making friends for the first time in my life.  I never knew I could do so many things!

At home I have two goats who are my friends.  You can see them in this picture behind our hand pump.  This is how we get our water, and our goats give us milk.  We use wood to heat our home and cook our food.

I thought you would be interested to see our graveyard.  This is where my forefathers and family members are who passed on.  They are buried near our home so we can visit them often.  This is the custom in my village.  I am happy that I can live near them.

I send blessings to all of you from your friend, Somia.

Translated by Shaista – LWCO VolunteerDSC00568DSC00565

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