Apr 282011

Hello there,

This is Aneel here,we bring this question to our schools.they talk about it in groups and share what make them hope full.

We combine their letters to give this answers,here it is

“WE are the Strong students of LWCO,First we would like to thank all the great volunteers who are helping us,Trying to sell our work,talking to people,sending us heart full messages,encouraging words,support and when no one care about Pakistan,about our people friends,our sick parents,Only LWCO and their great volunteers are HOPE for us,who are shining like Moon,we all students with our families sends our love,prayers,best wishes and above all our hugs to your ways to thank you for starting this great work and for your efforts to make it forward.

IF we just think what we were just two years ago,It seems like a big miracle that where we stand now,two our schools shared they said,they are so hope full that they believe that LWCO will 5000 schools in all areas where no body ever care any poor people.And LWCO will be strength for them as it becomes to us.

What make us hopefull the enthusiasm of our teachers,volunteers,the great support of Sir Greg Zaller,And our best hard work.we still remember when we buy first books for LWCO,At that moment no body could tell that time will come when LWCO students will write book, will talk to other people.will make some thing that people will like .

we request all schools to please don’t stop opening more schools.we tell you that this is the only way that we can help the world.

The world need LWCO in each corner,city,country and universe.

WE promise we will make more good things and people will buy it and one day,one schools will earn this much money that they will open 10 more schools from their earnings.

So we are very much hope full.

We are looking forward to make more and more things to send to all of you.

And we are ready for it.Mam Kathy’s great work we always see and it bring tears to our eyes,that these great hands are touching our things,and making them priceless.

Thank you to all

LWCO students.

Fsd,ATd,suka ksa,srg

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