May 292013

ImageI am Paveen from a very small village in Northern Pakistan.


I was working as a maid in the home of a family in a nearby city, and they did not treat me well.  I wanted something better in my life, but I could not think of that because I had a small brother and sister at home who needed food.  I would think of them at home with hunger and put efforts into my cleaning, but still the family I worked for treated me badly.


One day a teacher from LWCO came to my house.  She handed me a pen and said, “In our schools, we solve our problems with a pen.”  She brought me to the school where I shared my problems with the other students.  My fellow students listened and gave me suggestions to help me.


Now I am a happy student of LWCO.  I am proud of this school and I love my teacher.  She gave me the pen that changed my life.  I can read and write now, so I work at a business where I make more money and am treated with respect.  I am very happy with my work.  I still go to school to learn more and help other women like me.


Thank you everybody for this school!


Translated by Ms. Ilyas – LWCO Teacher

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