Jun 222011

My name is Nagina, I belong to LWCO school in gogri village. I started coming to the school a yera ago, when I started my learning journey here I did not know anything about sewing embroidery even a single thing about it. But from the very first day i get the hope that soon I will learn a skill with alot of new friends and good teachers and not only this but so many other good things to make my life better.

After a month my parents found that I am more happy and busy in learning new things as compare to my younger sister who is till at that time not coming with me to school, and one day my mother asked me if I can take my sister with me, I happily replied yes because I knew my teachers will welcome her. So I took my sister with me on the way back home she told me that she liked my school, teachers and all my fellows a lot and she said if I can request our mother to allow her to come with me everyday. That was a happy moment for me because when in the begining I asked her to accompany me she refused but today she said it her self. When we reached home our parents asked my sister how was your first day in school? She said she liked it alot and want to go to school daily with me after giving it a thought our parents agreed and from that day on we both went to school and started learning sewing .
The time was passing and my sister and I were so happy with our school. One day when we reached home our mom was looking worried and sad when we asked her what happend? She told us our dad is very ill and is unable to continue his job, and now we don’t have any one who can earn for us being an elder daughter I thought its my responsbility to earn for my family so i decided to take the initiative and cansole my mother. Next day I went to the school and was sad and worried that how can I help my family? My teacher saw me and asked is everything fine with me? I said yes miss,  but my facial expressions must have been saying something else. After the class my teacher asked me agian and at that time I could not hide anything from her. When I told her all my story she said don’t worry there is a way that you can help your family and she asked to make embroidery patches for the cards I felt so happy and huged my teacher and thanked her. From that day I started making patches more and more and my sister helped me. when I got my first income that was 730rs I felt so happy and when I gave all this money to my mother she had tears in her eyes and she said may god bless all those who made my daughters so strong and confident that now they can help their parents.
Now I can proudly say that I am a girl who can help herself and her family. But all the credit goes to LWCO school and its teachers. if i had not attended the school I would not have been able to help my family. I love my school my teachers and every one who made me do this may god bless them all.

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