Mar 132010

Well, it is official now, the World Friendship Quilt has been launched in the USA at California Organics in Nevada City.

The quilt began in Pakistan as the work of 600 village women by traveling from house to house because of the danger of women assembling in schools. It is the embroidered picture of a school house. Education is their hope. It is a gift to the USA. We added a border and are inviting anyone to make a stitch in it. The plan is to get over a thousand people to make a stitch then take it to Pakistan in April with me and offer every village where we have a school (29 now and counting) to embroider a patch, make a video documentary of it, and return to the USA. The grand vision is to offer the entire world the opportunity to make a patch, city by city,  and grow it to the size of a football field. Each piece would be a pixel in a main picture of a sexless, raceless, ageless human cradling the earth. This is the first opportunity I know of for the entire world to participate in a giant work of art symbolizing our collective responsibility for the earth.

Today we are taking it to Art Second Saturday in Sacramento.

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